3 gadgets I use every day


Most of the time we just want to find a magical solution that makes our life easier and way more enjoyable. With the help of modern discoveries, there are lots of possibilities, and some of them only require a special app installed on our mobile phones. From doing the laundry, brushing your teeth to even doing the vacuum, you can benefit from a virtual help so you can have some free time to spend with your dear ones.

  1. Interactive toothbrush

Although oral hygiene is neglected by many people, it all comes down to making a habit that turns out to be a great and fun experience. And brushing your teeth can be all laughs especially if you get one equipped with a smart technology adapted for the modern lifestyle.

This smart toothbrush is compatible with any type of smartphone. Moreover, it can analyze your brushing habits in order to give you weekly emails regarding your activity and progress. Also, the toothbrush is outfitted with an ergonomically designed brush and handle so that even children can use it without difficulties. If you harm your gums, the toothbrush will give you gentle vibrations so you can avoid doing this bad moves.

  1. Intelligent robot vacuum

The last thing you need is to spend your free day cleaning the entire house. If you have kids then the situation will most likely get out of control. Because you only have two hands and you need all the help you can get, you should invest in this brand new gadget that every mom knows about. If you need a tool that can clean your house and leave your floors sparkle, then get an electric broom and you won’t be disappointed.

Unlike the classical vacuum, this type of house cleaners can compress all the dirt and dust while cleaning and has the ability to avoid obstacles. Basically, it cleans by itself.

The best part is that a unit like this can reduce the number of allergens and irritants and capture stubborn pet hair from your carpets. Besides, you can program your own cleaning schedule and use the smartphone app to control the gadget.

  1. Smart light switch

A smart person must live in a smart house. And you can improve your lifestyle thanks to an interesting dimmer switch that allows you to have full control over the level of brightness. Furthermore, the device is compatible with any light because it uses the existing home WiFi network in order to provide access to your lights even if you’re at work or on holiday, in another country. You can use your tablet or your smartphone and you can set schedules when you want the lights to go on or off.